Coolest Owners

Dear prospective client,

First, I would like to thank you for taking an interest in learning more about me and our printing firm Coolest Graphics.   In 1997 my wife Jennifer approached me with a proposition, and that was to open our very own printing firm.  I may have been young, but being in the workforce since the age of 15, and completely supporting myself since the age of 16,  I had already acquired a plethera of manufacturing and business management experience, and was excited to take on the challenge.  With Jennifer’s graphic and administrative talents, we combined our career experience and the dynamic printing duo got to work printing!  Since then not only has our business grown, but I have enjoyed many hobbies, including earning my pilot’s license and flying my own airplane, collecting Dr. Martens, skateboarding, club dancing, going to rock concerts and spending time with my family. I am stoked every day to have the opportunity to serve my clients and provide for my family with the business we have been entrusted with, and no one understands better than I the importance of quality service and trust with our clients, because our clients are also our livelihood, and that is something we never forget.

Thank you once again for your interest, I look forward to serving you and your printing needs.

It's nice to "meet" you, I'm Jennifer Bascom, Delaney's wife. I remember that day when I presented the idea to Delaney about starting our own print shop. I had already started a little business providing graphic's design, office support, and print brokering. My first client still orders business cards to this day. What I really love about printing and graphics is the visual arts aspect. I have an eye for detail and visual beauty. In my spare time I make watercolor paintings, crafts of all kinds, and I like to journal my thoughts in a visual arts mixed-media journal. There isn't a moment in the day when I stop thinking about if something looks good and if it needs adjustment this way or that to make it look better. I've always been this way, so that's how I know this is the perfect business for me.

I hope you choose to entrust your printing and graphics needs with us. I will do my best to make you look good.